I am here to share my notes I read from online articles, books or some training I attend ,, I feel it is somehow useful to keep online such things , sharing knowledge is a part of my believing , no worst human you can find  than the one who doesn’t help or hide when you ask, so here is to share , not to write articles or push Google ads high hits, or not stealing others articles , as I am trying my best to refer to the source , so kindly if you found something not referring to your original post , drop me a message , I will be happy to clarify it.

Wishing it could be useful for any one.


All the best of luck for me and all 🙂




7 Responses to About

  1. Ray says:

    Hi Ahmad,
    I think you have a great site with very helpful information. Do you happen to have any insight on the new Data Domain feature “multi-tenancy” ? Like best practice, advice..etc.



  2. bennis faical says:

    Hi Ahmed,
    Thanks a lot for all the helpful information

  3. Mir Mustafa AliKhan says:

    As Salam O Alikaum Ahmad,

    I’ve been out of the Citrix environment for a couple of years and now wanna get back in. What you recommend the best study material for the taking the XenDesktop 7.6? I look forward to your reply. Jaza Kullah Kharin!!

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