Exchange 2016 Error Database is mandatory on UserMailbox


The following error was generated when “$error.Clear();

if ( ($server -eq $null) -and ($RoleIsDatacenter -ne $true) )


Update-RmsSharedIdentity -ServerName $RoleNetBIOSName


” was run: “Microsoft.Exchange.Data.DataValidationException: Database is mandatory on UserMailbox.

at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.ADDataSession.Save(ADObject instanceToSave, IEnumerable`1 properties, Boolean bypassValidation)

at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.Recipient.ADRecipientObjectSession.Save(ADRecipient instanceToSave)

at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Deployment.UpdateRmsSharedIdentity.Link()

at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Deployment.UpdateRmsSharedIdentity.InternalProcessRecord()

at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Tasks.Task.<ProcessRecord>b__b()

at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Tasks.Task.InvokeRetryableFunc(String funcName, Action func, Boolean terminatePipelineIfFailed)”.

As many sites reported , it’s system mailbox issue , one of my mailboxes was not having a Database , but the server was removed already.

[PS] C:Windowssystem32>Get-mailbox -Arbitration | Format-Table Name, ServerName, Database -Auto

As you see I have an orphaned Mailbox from removed Server , so this Article was helpful

[PS] C:Windowssystem32>Get-mailbox -Arbitration -Identity “FederatedEmail.4c1f4d8b-8179-4148-93bf-00a95fa1e042” | Disable-Mailbox -ArbitrationMailboxAllowed



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