Install and configure VMware syslog Collector and ESXi Dump Collector

I will talk here only about core dump collector ,, I talked in previous post about syslog server installation Configure vSphere Syslog Collector

It is direct easy configuration

Note that you do it over vmkernel not network adapter.

Finally you can check your configuration that way :

Sending a test connection:

nc -z -w 1 -s VMkernelIPAddress -u DumpCollectorIPAddress DumpCollectorPortNumber

nc -z -w 1 -s 10.XX.XX.82 -u 10.XX.XX.55 6500

Note: The nc command reports a successful connection regardless of whether the remote Netdump Server receives the traffic.

As per :

I believe they want to validate something doesn’t exist :

To fix Ruleset Not Found: netDump

I believe I have to create a customized rule for netDump,

I can do it like:

But HOW to do it in exam , I can not remember each single command 😀

Go below , copy and remove unnecessary sections or create new file.
/etc/vmware/firewall # cp service.xml NetDump.xml

Go for an outbound direction rule ‘nfsclient’ , the 3rd one “keep it in the new file to modify it and remove the others”:

But you have to:

· Close the <ConfigRoot> so the XML works fine

· Give it same name as per the above failed command “netDump

· Protocol should be udp

· Keep the port like this: <port>6500</port>

· Make it enabled

<!– Firewall to allow ESXi core dump traffic –>


<service id=’1977′>


<rule id=’2015′>










/etc/vmware/firewall # esxcli network firewall refresh


Looks nice 🙂


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