Calculate available resources

Resource types: CPU, Memory, Power, Storage and network

ESXi hosts allocate each virtual machine a portion of the underlying hardware resources based on a number of factors:

# Total available resources for the ESXi host (or the cluster).

# Number of virtual machines powered on and resource usage by those virtual machines.

# Overhead required to manage the virtualization.

# Resource limits defined by the user.

Resource allocation settings are used to determine the amount of CPU, memory, and storage resources provided for a virtual machine. In particular, administrators have several options for allocating resources.

Resource allocation settings are:

# Resource Allocation Shares;

# Resource Allocation Reservations;

# Resource Allocation Limits.

Shares specify the relative importance of a virtual machine (or resource pool).

A reservation specifies the guaranteed minimum allocation for a virtual machine.

Limit specifies an upper bound for CPU, memory, or storage I/O resources that can be allocated to a virtual machine.

This is useful in some cases:

Minimum system requirements for installing VMware vCenter Server (1003882)

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vdca550-study-guide-complete-20150131-Paul Grevink..pdf


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