Configure and manage a vSphere Replication infrastructure

Configure and manage a vSphere Replication infrastructure
Configure and manage vSphere Replication of virtual machines
Troubleshoot vSphere Replication

– here is a quick note about the configuration and one case (time) I faced.

Pleas pay careful attention to :

VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes

From <>

· Do not install VRA without to carefully check the vcenter server corresponding compatible releases

· One time zone for the 2 vCenters and the 2 VRAs

· Make sure to have a one DNS system configured for:
vCenter Main site , vCenter DR , and VRA in both as well ,

Error I faced :

The "Connect to target site to configure replications." operation failed for the entity with the following error message.

Cannot connect to the specified site. The site might not be available on the network or a network configuration problem might exist. Check your connection details and try again.

Here he tells to check for:

/opt/vmware/hms/logs/hms.log) and/or vsphere-client-virgo.log

From <>

And as per Admin Guide: vsphere-replication-55-admin.pdf, here are all logs related files





Open the file using lovely linux VI

As the file will be so long you can:

Go to the end of file (press ‘ESC’ then G capital letter)

Down right will show you are in bottom of the file:

You can search (hit /error where error is the word I am searching with)

Go to top: (ESC + gg)

Specific line: (ESC + 50G) where 50 is the required line number

Or tail -f to keep monitoring;

As the community said , I started to check DNS for all four parts 2 vCenters & the 2 VRAs

Main site DNS was invalid, it should be as the domain created for this

I modified it , now I can ping from VRA DR the main vCenter by name:

Also I can ping from Main site VRA

I was able to get it configured by:

1 time zone GMT+3 for both VRAs

1 time local NTP server for both vCenters


Of course when you connect to vCenter in DR site , the connection will be for the IP of the VRA in DR site , where it should be registered so it can appear here.

Still getting stupid error while trying to add the connection from DR to main site:

I noted that VRAs time is not fine although I did set both to GMT+3 Bahrain time

Last login: Sat Apr 18 22:00:06 2015 from XXXXX

vrdc:~ #

Last login: Sun Apr 19 06:42:46 2015 from XXX

vrdr:~ #

My host where VRA in DR was the problem 😀

Vmware said watch this:

Every 2s: ntpq -p

Sounds normal

/etc # vi /etc/ntp.conf

Just added the highlighted :

Restarting as per:

# /etc/init.d/ntpd restart

From <>

I cant reboot the server ,

So I pushed a restart for all services :

/etc # restart


It didn’t work and I had to modify the ESXi time manually:

And the stupid VRA even after reboot didn’t pic it up , so manually as well:

Didn’t work , so I did it through the

Now I am today 😀

Using username "root".

Last login: Sat Apr 18 23:24:14 2015 from XXXX

vrdr:~ #

Now it is added (itself !!!)

Go the VM in main site (protected site) and right click to configure replication:

Choose what site to replicate to:

In case you have many replication servers , you can pick some one

The datastore

Just next

The RPO setting:

Review your selections made

Jump to monitor to see the status:

Actions you can take:

The last part is: Troubleshoot vSphere Replication

Check the vSperhe replication 5.5 Administration Guide , really it deserves to read it

Page 76 to 87 , valuable troubleshooting scenarios:


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