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Install and configure VMware syslog Collector and ESXi Dump Collector

I will talk here only about core dump collector ,, I talked in previous post about syslog server installation Configure vSphere Syslog Collector It is direct easy configuration Note that you do it over vmkernel not network adapter. Finally you … Continue reading

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Configure VMware Fault Tolerance

General FT Requirements and Recommendations   Cluster and host requirements   Storage requirements   Networking recommendations Timekeeping Recommendations Configuration Recommendations to be observed when configuring FT Best Practices for Fault Tolerance. Cluster requirements for FT Host requirements for FT VM … Continue reading

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Calculate available resources

Resource types: CPU, Memory, Power, Storage and network ESXi hosts allocate each virtual machine a portion of the underlying hardware resources based on a number of factors: # Total available resources for the ESXi host (or the cluster). # Number … Continue reading

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Given esxtop/resxtopoutput, identify relative performance data for capacity planning purposes

1. CPU load average: The number mean of CPU loads in 1min,5mins,and 15mins , based on 6-second samples. “1” means that almost CPU have already been used, “2” means that the required CPU of vm is 2 times of physical … Continue reading

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Identify CPU Memory Network Disk device or disk issues using ESXTOP , in interactive batch or replay mode

– Determine use cases for and apply esxtop Interactive, Batch and Replay modes – Use vscsiStats to gather storage performance data – Use esxtop/resxtopto collect performance data witch display: c:cpu i:interrupt m:memory n:network d:disk adapter u:disk device v:disk VM p:power … Continue reading

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Tune Virtual Machine Memory , Networking , CPU , Storage !!

-Tune Virtual Machine memory configurations -Tune Virtual Machine networking configurations -Tune Virtual Machine CPU configurations -Tune Virtual Machine storage configurations Tune Virtual Machine memory configurations · Use shares, limits and reservations to apply prioritisation policies to your VMware environment that … Continue reading

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Configure .vmx file for advanced configuration scenarios

• List all VMs registered to this host (This reveals the Vmid needed for other commands): vim-cmd /vmsvc/getallvms • Unregister a VM vim-cmd /vmsvc/unregister <Vmid>: ~ # vim-cmd /vmsvc/getallvm Run it once more: ~ # vim-cmd /vmsvc/getallvms No more exists, … Continue reading

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Configure and manage a vSphere Replication infrastructure

Configure and manage a vSphere Replication infrastructure Configure and manage vSphere Replication of virtual machines Troubleshoot vSphere Replication – here is a quick note about the configuration and one case (time) I faced. Pleas pay careful attention to : VMware … Continue reading

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Analyze log entries to obtain configuration information & identify and resolve issues

For those 5.4 Two objectives they say "I am not sure" , coz I am Good boy , I will say "let me try" 🙂 As per ‘VCAP5-DCA Official Cert Guide‘ Chapter# 7 vmkwarning.log & vmksummary.log are good place when … Continue reading

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Generate database reports using MS Excel or MS SQL

Excel 2013 Click Data Tab Hit “From other sources” button and select From SQL Server, a wizard will appear, enter your SQL credentials , specify the named if not default exists: Select your Update manager DB Enable multiple tables selections: … Continue reading

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