Perform command line configuration of multipathing options – Change a multipath policy

What do the acronyms mean?

· PSA = Pluggable Storage Architecture

· NMP = Native MultiPathing

· MPP = MultiPathing Plugin

· PSP = Path Selection Plugin

· SATP = Storage Array Type Plugin

· ALUA = Asymmetric Logical Unit Access

· MRU = Most Recently Used

· Fixed = Err well this is not an acronym, it just means … fixed!

· RR = Round Robin

· A/P = Active/Passive

· AA/A = Asymmetric Active/Active

· SA/A = Symmetric Active/Active

From <>

Listing devices:

~ # esxcli storage core device list |grep "Display Name:|Multipath Plugin:|Is SSD"

Listing all claimrule Rules:
~ # esxcli storage core claimrule list -c=all

Then only Multipath:

"file" means rule is configured , "runtime" means rule is loaded in system.

Name spaces to be used:

~ # esxcli storage core

~ # esxcli storage core adapter list

~ # esxcli storage core device list |more

~ # esxcli storage core path list |grep "Device Display Name:|UID:|Runtime Name:|Plugin:|State:"

Available parameters:

~ # esxcli storage nmp

Getting a device name psp configuration:

~ # esxcli storage core device list |grep " Display Name:"

~ # esxcli storage nmp psp fixed deviceconfig


Another live example GUI

From CLI:

~ # esxcli storage core path list -d naa.60000970000298700060533030334130 |grep "Runtime Name:|Device:|LUN:"

After specifying the fixed path

You can note that preferred * has changed to the as above command :

~ # esxcli storage nmp psp list

~ # esxcli storage nmp satp list

~ # esxcli storage nmp device list |grep "Device Display Name:|Storage Array Type:|Path Selection Policy:|Path

~ # esxcli storage nmp path list |grep "Runtime Name:|Device Display Name:|Group State:|Path Selection Policy Path Config:"


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