(: E20-385 :)

Cleared 😉


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7 Responses to (: E20-385 :)

  1. Cecile says:

    Congrats, any advise on what to focus on or any questions to share 🙂
    i’m using your blog in my studying

    • Ahmad Sabry says:

      Thank you 🙂 , pardon me ,, it is against Exam rules, and I am not going to breach anything in this regard , I am not here to expose any questions which honestly I do not have , but I can tell you that how was my study plan as for here:
      if you work for EMC partner , there will be some free training and also a PLENTY of KB , white papers , edutube and the most wonderful part is ESVL ,I can tell you what DOCs I have downloaded from support and used , which you can download as well and it will help , most of them I used in this blog.
      Good luck for you as well.

  2. Need to pass it in a month and an half…
    I am already scared :-s

  3. Hello Ahmad,

    I have to take the exam half november.
    Any doc, kb, whatever you have is welcome.

    And again: Congrats!


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