Check it Before you failover Exchange to DR !

1- Verify how the clients, most importantly Outlook, connect to the DAG.

Get-MailboxDatabase | Select Name,*rpc*

2- Note the current status of the DAG

Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup | select Name,*server*

3- Test services health in MB & HC main & DR

Test-ServiceHealth -Server MB-DC-01

Test-ServiceHealth -Server MB-DC-02

Test-ServiceHealth -Server MB-DR-01

Test-ServiceHealth -Server ABC-HC-01

Test-ServiceHealth -Server ABC-HC-02

Test-ServiceHealth -Server ABC-HC-03

4- Check Replication Health


5- Check Databases Copy

Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -Server MB-DC-01

Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -Server MB-DC-02

Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -Server MB-DR-01

6- Test MAPI Network:

Pinging MB-DC-01 []

Pinging MB-DR-01 []

Pinging MB-DC-02 []

7- Check All services start status are running in All Exchange servers:







8- Check Cluster in the 3 MB servers:




Check the :

1- Any error in Events.

2- All Network are Up.

3- Listed nodes are up

4- Validate the Cluster (RUN all tests)

9- Make sure that Exchange server belong to Active directory site:

Get-AdSite -Debug

10- Check Witness & Alternate witness share access from all MB servers

Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity DAG -Status | fl

Look @:

Servers : {MB-DR-01, MB-DC-02, MB-DC-01}

WitnessServer :

WitnessDirectory : C:\DAG

AlternateWitnessServer :

AlternateWitnessDirectory : d:\dag

NetworkCompression : InterSubnetOnly

NetworkEncryption : InterSubnetOnly

DatacenterActivationMode : DagOnly

WitnessShareInUse : Alternate


Using the command prompt execute the cluster <DAGNAME> res command. This will output all the resources within the cluster.

[PS] C:\>cluster res

12- Check the Smart host and UAG/TMG are up running and their Gateway are reachable and you can telnet 25 port from outside after fail-over / Back


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