Adding an Expansion Shelf

This article lists steps on how to issue the add enclosure command when attempting to add a shelf to the Data Domain system volume. If the shelf has yet to be racked and connected, please see the ES20 Expansion Shelf Hardware Guide.


· All Data Domain systems

· All Software Versions


The following procedure lists steps on how to identify the enclosure, verify the shelf status, and add a shelf.

Note: ES-30 Expansion shelves require DD OS 5.1 or higher.

DD OS 4.9x and earlier

1. Access the Data Domain system using the command Line Interface (CLI) 180649.

2. Verify there is enough memory installed 181494.

3. Identify and record the enclosure ID and serial number of the Data Domain system, type:
enclosure show summary
Enclosure Model No. Serial No. Capacity

1 DD565 7S12345678 15 Slots

Note: Enclosure numbers are not static. They can change when the system is rebooted. The numbers are generated in sequence as the shelves are detected during system boot. If an incorrect shelf is being added, the status label for the disk is Foreign. This occurs even if the disk meets the memory requirements.

4. Verify the shelf status, type:
disk port show summary
Port Connection Link Connected Status

Type Speed Enclosure IDs

3a SAS online

Note: The status must be online to continue to the next step.

5. Add the shelf, type:
disk add enclosure <enclosure-id>
disk add enclosure 3

Note: Adding the first shelf takes longer than adding subsequent shelves. Adding each additional shelf takes about 3 – 4 minutes.

6. Verify the disk state 180419. Depending on the disk state 180447, extra steps may be required.

DD OS 5.0x and later

1. Access the Data Domain system using the command Line Interface (CLI) 180649.

2. Verify there is enough memory installed 181494.

3. After installing the new shelves, Power on shelf and wait for SAS LEDs to turn off. LEDs flash green while waiting for connection to be established and turn solid green once the connection is established. An amber LED indicates a connection problem.

4. Check the status of the SAS HBA cards, type:

disk port show summary

The output shows the port for each SAS connection, such as 3a and 4a, and the online status, which is offline. After the shelves have been connected, the same command also displays the connected enclosure IDs for each port, such as 2 and 3. The status changes to online.

5. Verify that the Data Domain system recognizes the enclosure, type:

enclosure show summary

6. Systems with DD 5.1.x and later require a license for each expansion shelf added beyond the amount of storage originally purchased with the system. To find your license information, click here 181824. To add the capactiy license, use the following command:

license add Capacity-Active-license-keys <license-code>

7. Add the enclosure, type:

storage add enclosure enclosure-id

Note: The enclosure-id is always 2 for the first added shelf and 3 for the second.The Data Domain system controller always has the enclosure-id of 1 (one).

8. Because the disks cannot be removed from the file system without re-installing the DD OS after they have been added, you are asked to confirm. Type y.

9. When prompted, enter your sysadmin password.

10. Add the enclosure(s) to the active tier, type:

filesys expand

11. Display the RAID groups for each shelf, type:

storage show all

12. Two disks in a shelf are spare disks. The rest should report that they are in use. Follow the procedure for resolving disk unknown 181664 if needed.

13. Verify that the shelf is properly connected and functioning by running the following command on each enclosure path:

enclosure test topology (port) duration 1

14. Verify the state of the file system and disks by entering:

filesys status

If your problem persists after executing the steps in this article, please contact your contracted support provider, Gather an Autosupport 180561, and Create a service request


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  1. hid says:

    dear kindly ihave dd860 with 2 expansion and I need to add 4 new expansions, I hope this instructions are sufficient to do this upgrade???

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