Barcode and Capacity of VTL tapes

Code Capacity Tape Type
L1 100 GiB LTO-1
L2 200 GiB LTO-2
L3 400 GiB LTO-3
L4 800 GiB LTO-4
LA 50 GiB
LB 30 GiB
LC 10 GiB

· Tape barcodes are 8-character tape identifiers

· When creating tapes you must provide a starting barcode

· A starting barcode specifies:

A 2 or 3 character unique identifier

A 3 or 4 digit number marking the beginning of the sequence of tapes

A 2 character designation identifying the default capacity for each tape if not otherwise specified

Tape Count Consideration:

Create only as many tapes as you need to satisfy holding your back up data until your retention expires and space can be reclaimed.

A starting tape count should be less than 2x the available space on the Data Domain system.

Creating too many virtual tapes might cause the Data Domain system to reach system full conditions prematurely.

Optimal tape size depends on the size of the files being backed up and the backup application used. A good rule of thumb: use small-sized tapes with small file types and larger-sized tapes with larger file types.


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