System Show Performance

system show performance

The states are

Key Heading Description
C Cleaning Garbage Collection is operating to reclaim disk space
D Disk Recontruction Failed disk is being rebuilt from parity
B MNC Re-balance GDA (Global De-duplication Array) or MNC (Multinode cluster) balancing
V Verification Data or Container Verification (used in the deduplication process)
M Fingerprint Merge Merging of the internal fingerprint index (used in the deduplication process)
S Summary Vector Checkpoint Internal Process (used in the deduplication process)
F Archiver Data Movement Data being migrated from Active to Archive tier (Archiver systems only)
I Data Integrity Integrity check (Background scrub activity)

The cleaning and disk reconstruction states can have significant impact on performance.

From <https://emc–>

Typically the processes listed in the State section of the system show performance report impact the amount of CPU utilization for handling backup and replication activity.

Under the heading “Streams” in the system show performance command output, there are several columns showing the average number of streams being written or read during the sample period. The output resembles:

The column definitions are Streams (number of active streams):

Column Header Definition
rd Active read streams
wr Active write streams
r+ Reopened read file streams in the past 30 seconds
w+ Reopened write file streams in the past 30 seconds

From <https://emc–>

Check the utilization columns.

Column Definitions:

cpu average and max CPU utilization; the CPU ID of the most loaded CPU is shown in the brackets
disk max (highest) disk utilization over all disks; the disk ID of the most loaded disk is shown in the brackets (may not correspond to the ID used by ‘disk show’ commands


From <https://emc–>


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