Support Bundle !


To gather and upload a support bundle using command line

· To gather and upload the SUB enter the following command on Data Domain system via command line:

o #support upload bundle

Note: The DDR uses http port 80 to connect to support site to send the bundle. Make sure that your firewall and proxies allow for this transfer.

· The command will ask you for a login and password. Use the same login credentials you use to access the EMC support web site. This should be your Powerlink login.

· After entering the command you will see the following sequence of response on the command line.

Authenticating username and password…

Compressing files for upload…

Connecting to Data Domain support…

Sending file… 100%

File successfully uploaded.

For detailed instructions on how to gather a support bundle through the Enterprise Manager please refer to following video article:

Video: Support Upload Bundle(SUB) [Link Error:UrlName "83828-Video-Support-Upload-Bundle-SUB" not found]

If Command line upload of support bundle fails

· If running DDOS upto 5.2.x. and the system is unable to reach EMC support site you will see the following message during the authentication process:


Authentication failed, creating bundle…

Compressing files…

· The bundle will still be created and will reside in /ddvar/support/support-bundle.tar.gz (or in \DDRNameddvarsupportsupport-bundle.tar.gz)

Note: To troubleshoot why the upload failed refer to the article Troubleshooting a Support Bundle Authentication Failure 182001

You can collect SUB/file from the DD system with HTTP, FTP, CIFs, or NFS access.


· Point your browser to the https://DD hostname (OR) DD IP

· Select the DD from "DD Network" list on the left menu tree

· In Versions of the DD OS 4.7.x and later

· Click on Maintenance > Support > Support Bundles

· From there, click on support-bundle.tar.gz and download the SUB to your workstation.


FTP is an easy method to collect the SUB as you will not have to worry about file level permissions.

By Default, FTP protocol is disable on a Data Domain System. Before downloading a file, FTP must be enabled and the Access Control List (ACL) updated.

· Login to the DDR box as sysadmin.

· Check to see if FTP access is enabled by running the command adminaccess show

· If ftp shows “no” in the Enable column, enter #adminaccess enable ftp at the command prompt.

· FTP Access: enabled will be returned.

· Update the Access Control List by applying the command adminaccess add ftp *

· Run adminaccess show again to verify ftp is enabled, and Allowed Hosts is *.

The following example is in a Windows environment and the name of the Data Domain system is darthvader. This is using an FTP command line utility. You can use your favorite FTP client.

· Open up a command prompt

· On your client, change directory to where you want to download the SUB.

· FTP to the Restorer. Example:

· ftp darthvader

Username: sysadmin

Password: ********

At the FTP prompt perform the following commands:

1. bin

2. prompt

3. cd support

4. get support-bundle.tar.gz

5. bye

2. For more notes and instructions on uploading to EMC’s ftp site go to the "Submitting the SUB to EMC/Data Domain" section further down in this article.

CIFS (Windows)

· Verify that the CIFS access list is setup to accept the Windows Client.

· cifs show clients

· Or

· cifs share show ddvar

sysadmin@darthvader# cifs share show ddvar

Shares information for: ddvar


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