Configuring a Virtual Tape Library

· Verify or configure the VTL license

· Enable and configure the VTL service

· Create a tape library, including drives, slots, changer, and CAPs

· Create an access group

· Create tapes

· Import tapes

· Create pools

· Add initiators

· Add LUNs

Open the System Manager Configuration Wizard -> System Manager-> Maintenance -> More Tasks > Configuration Wizard –> VTL configuration- > click No -> configuration section -> Yes

The wizard steps you through library, tape, initiator, and access group configuration.


Create Library:

Creates Tapes:

Steps to configure Physical resource used for VTL library:

1. Enable the Endpoints (HBA ports) to be used with your VTL configuration.

2. Work with Networking resources that the SAN switch is connected and zoned properly between the host and the Data Domain system.

3. Locate and set the alias of the initiators in the Physical Resources stack in the Data Domain System Manager.

4. Configure the VTL access groups.

Below in details:

1. Enable the End points:

Or By Command:

vtl port disable Disables a single Fibre Channel port or all Fibre Channel ports in the list.

vtl port enable Enables a single Fibre Channel port or all Fibre Channel ports in the list.

2. Is a SAN admin task.

3. Configure initiators and end points:

Or by command as well:

vtl initiator set alias
Adds an initiator alias

vtl initiator show initiator
Shows configured initiators.

vtl initiator reset alias
Removes an initiator alias.

4. Configure VTL Access Group:

Or By Command:

vtl group create creates a group.

vtl group del Removes an initiator or device from a group.

vtl group destroy Destroys a group.

vtl group modify Modifies a device in a group.

vtl group rename Renames a group.

vtl group show Shows configured groups.

vtl group use Switches the ports in use in a group or library to the primary or secondary port list.


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