Tracking manual Label process operation in Networker8.1

Right click the require volume:

Pick up a pool for the volume:

Status Panel while labeling process:



The sequence from the Log Dock Panel:

Showing Operation details from Monitor Dock Panel:

To inventory volumes in a library:

  1. In the Administration window, click Devices.
  2. Open the Libraries folder in the navigation tree. The Libraries detail table appears.
  3. Select a library in the navigation tree or double-click a library in the Libraries detail table. The Libraries detail table changes to the double-paned library operations view.
  4. Right-click anywhere within the Devices pane, and select Inventory. The Inventory Library window appears.
  5. Type the numbers of the first and last slots to be inventoried in the Slot Range area.
  6. Select Operation Type: either Slow/Verbose (the default) or Fast/Silent.
  7. Click OK.
  • The Library Operation window displays this message: The library operation has started.
  • The Monitoring > Operations screen displays its status.
  1. Click OK. If the volumes do not have barcode labels, the NetWorker software must mount each volume, read its label, and unmount it. In this case, the inventory process can take some time to complete.

Using nsrjb

nsrjb -L -f /dev/rmt/2cbn -S 177 -b FULL

Load the tape cartridge in jukebox slot 177 into jukebox device /dev/rmt/2cbn and write a label on it indicating that it is in the FULL pool. This example assumes that

the jukebox has a barcode reader, that the tape cartridge has a barcode attached, and NetWorker is configured to automatically use barcodes for logical labels. This also updates the media index database.

nsrmm -m -l -f /dev/rmt/0cbn -b FULL FULL.20020109

Writes a NetWorker label "FULL.20020109" on the tape in the specified stand-alone tape drive, adds the volume to the "FULL" pool, and mounts it. Presumably someone has loaded a blank or recyclable tape in the drive. This also adds the volume name to the media manager database.

Another label process:

Process to backup a group with Auto Media Management enabled on the library:




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