EMC NetWorker Module for SAP with Oracle (NMSAP)

EMC NetWorker Module for SAP with Oracle (NMSAP):

Is an SAP certified module for NetWorker and provides the backup and restore interface between the SAP BR*Tools programs and the NetWorker server. BACKINT which is part of NMSAP is the mechanism utilized in this interface.

Figure 5 illustrates a typical configuration using NetWorker to protect SAP applications that benefit from client side deduplication.

NetWorker simplifies the client creation and modification process. The NetWorker Client Configuration Wizard will auto-detect the environment and populate the fields as appropriate. The backup administrator can easily create/modify clients with limited knowledge of SAP, and will be guided through each step necessary to ensure that the SAP client is properly configured. The wizard reflects the integration with BR*Tools, allowing for NetWorker to fully automate the otherwise manual steps required by the native BR*Tool interface.

The NetWorker integration with BR*Tools provides the following benefits:

Backup and restore for complete databases, individual data files, table spaces, and logs

Automated and flexible backup:

Online and offline backup

BLock-Level incremental backups (with Oracle RMAN feature)

Verification of backup media readability

Verification of backup consistency

. Automated and flexible recovery:

o Automated application of logs to bring the database back to a point-in time

o Restartable restore from the point of failure for interrupted restores

o Recovery to original or alternate location

To further enhance the data protection of SAP environments, NetWorker delivers the ability for customers to leverage EMC array based snapshots, as well as customized event based backups.

SAP customers leverage hardware snapshots/clones when their environment requires a point in time copy of the data. For example, the data protection solution must accommodate for the system to be restored to a point in time. A customer may require that multiple snaps be taken throughout the day. To further enhance the data protection of SAP environments, NetWorker brings value by supporting snap and replicate technologies of EMC arrays and RecoverPoint. NetWorker Snapshot Management is an integral configuration option that allows for the snapshot process and backups of those snaps to be fully automated. Recovery from a snap is made easy with NetWorker. NetWorker will catalog the replica the administrator can quickly identify the data needed for the recovery.

Figure 7 shows an example of multiple snaps being taken on an EMC array, and managed by NetWorker.

SAP customers may also require that a backup be taken based on an event rather than the normal backup time. NetWorker provides the option of event-based backups. For example, an event-based backup may be scheduled if log files are greater than loo GB, a backup has not occurred n 6 days, or a database merge was completed.

Distinguish between the following:


BRTOOLS is the program that displays the menus from which the other BR programs are called.

As an example, the following graphic shows the integration of the backup, restore, and recovery tools:

Offline backup:Backup of database objects performed while the corresponding database or instance is shut down and unavailable to users. Also known as a cold backup.

Offline restore: Automated restore that does not require the manual installation of an operating system. A bare metal recovery (BMR) is an offline restore.

Online backup: Backup of database objects performed while the corresponding database or instance is running and available to users. Also known as a hot backup.

Online restore: Restore operation that is performed from a NetWorker recover program. An online restore requires that the computer has been booted from an installed operating system. See also offline restore.

Online indexes: Databases located on the NetWorker server that contain all the information pertaining to the client backups (client file index) and backup volumes (media index).


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