NMM for Microsoft SharePoint VSS

SharePoint Server related information:

A Microsoft Office SharePoint Server farm can be deployed in the following configurations:

· SharePoint Server farm stand-alone configuration—A stand-alone configuration runs all the services on one host, as shown below:

· SharePoint Server distributed configuration—A distributed configuration includes several servers that host separate services, To back up the entire distributed SharePoint Server farm, ensure that NMM is installed on each server that hosts SharePoint data, including servers that host content index and search index. As shown in the following figure:

Supported SharePoint Server versions and Windows versions:

NMM backs up the SharePoint Server by using the SharePoint VSS Writer. The SharePoint Server VSS Writer is dependent on the SQL Server VSS Writer, SharePoint SPSearch Writer,and SharePoint Server OSearch Writer.

SharePointSPSearch writer is only available in SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010. This writer is not present in SharePoint Server 2013.


NMM supports the following types of back up for stand-alone and distributed farms:
– SharePoint farm level backup
– Content database backup


NMM supports the following types of recovery for standalone and distributed farms:
– SharePoint farm level recovery
– Content database recovery
– Granular recovery with third-party software, like Kroll Ontrack PowerControl

Rollback recovery is not supported.

Registering the SharePoint VSS Writers:_

Use the “Service account” privileges used for SharePoint installation to register wsswriter. You must complete the required steps to register the SharePoint Writer.
1. The SharePoint Writer must be registered on all nodes where SharePoint is installed by using the command line STSADM.exe. Go to the location for the STSADM.exe provided in the following table:

2. Type the following command to register the SharePoint Writer:

Run STSADM.EXE -o registerwsswriter


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