NSRADMIN Resource configuration


The nsradmin command is a command-line based administrative program for the NetWorker system. Normally nsradmin monitors and modifies NetWorker resources over the network. Commands are entered on standard input, and output is produced on standard output.
If nsradminis started without a query argument, it uses a default query. By default, if the daemon being administered is nsrd, then all resources will be selected, but for all other daemons, no resources will be selected.

Based on the query filtration you get result

nsradmin> print type:NSRLA


Enabling updates of the NSR system port ranges resource

To modify the service port attribute in the NSR system port ranges resource on:


C:>nsradmin -p nsrexec

NetWorker administration program.

Use the "help" command for help.

nsradmin> option Hidden

Hidden display option turned on

Display options:

Dynamic: Off;

Hidden: On;

Raw I18N: Off;

Resource ID: Off;

Regexp: Off;

nsradmin> print type:NSRLA

type: NSRLA;

name: nww81-01;

NW instance ID:


my hostname: nww81-01;

nsrmmd version:;

nsrsnmd version:;




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