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Cracking Zain Bahrain Wimax Password

The below steps just to have full access to your Zain Wimax Device to have full control of your device: telnet Welcome Visiting Huawei WiMAX CPE Copyright by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Login:wimax Password: wimax820 ATP>shell # cd /etc/ … Continue reading

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Update your ESXi using Vsphere update Manager

In below simple steps you will be able to update your ESXi host to latest , 2 things keep them in your mind: 1- Never execute any upgrade for Vmware or whichever software or platform without to check the compatibility … Continue reading

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Networker 8,,, Connection ports & Service ports

Service ports Service ports are also known as listener ports or destination ports. The TCP server processes that run on each NetWorker host uses service ports to listen for inbound connections. NetWorker uses two types of service ports: ◆ Fixed … Continue reading

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Tracking manual Label process operation in Networker8.1

Right click the require volume: Pick up a pool for the volume: Status Panel while labeling process: Then: Then — — The sequence from the Log Dock Panel: Showing Operation details from Monitor Dock Panel: To inventory volumes in a … Continue reading

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NMM in a CSV Hyper-v VSS environment

Configuring backups: – – – – – – – – – – Hyper-V Recovery: 1. Turning the VM offline for recovery: · Once the VM is offline, the recovery process destroys the current VM, recovers the recovery ve rs ion, … Continue reading

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NMM supported clients / backup types / Directed recovery

NMM supports the following features: · Windows Server 2012 R2 support for applications—NMM supports the following Microsoft applications on Windows Server 2012 R2: • SQL Server 2012 • SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 or later • SQL Server 2008 SP3 … Continue reading

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Microsoft SQL Server Recovery

· Performing SQL Server 2012 instance level recovery · Performing SQL Server data recovery in a stand-alone environment · Performing instance level recovery for SQL clusters Performing SQL Server 2012 instance level recovery You must complete the required steps to … Continue reading

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BBB – Block Based Backup

  NetWorker block based backups are high-performance backups that support all Microsoft Windows file systems except FAT 32. During block based backups, the backup application scans a volume or a disk in a file system and backs up all the … Continue reading

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NetWorker Snapshot Management (NSM) & NMDA support notes

NetWorker Snapshot Management: EMC technology that provides point-in-time snapshot copies of data. NetWorker software backs up data from the snapshot. This allows applications to continue to write data during the backup operation, and ensures that open files are not omitted. … Continue reading

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Networker 8 Commands Examples

savegrp Note: The "savegrp" command is executed on a NetWorker server. savegrp ARTLAB Starts backups for every client in the "ARTLAB" group and uses the schedule defined for each client or the "ARTLAB" group. If the group schedule exists it … Continue reading

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